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Questionnaire for Setting of Onsite Gas Supply Device

ProductASU Separator and System
Client Information
*Name of client
*Project contact
*Mobile phone
*Application areas
Gas Consumption Indexes
*Name of gas
*StateGaseous stateLiquid state
*Average consumption
*Application pressure Kg^3/cm2
*Use Time hours/day,days/month,months/year
*Normal consumption Nm^3/hr
Peak consumption Nm^3/hr
peak duration mins or hrs
Peak frequency times/day,times/month,times/year
Current Situation
*The client has already had: Device
*Service time years
*contract due date years
*Existing device: provided by
*device scale Nm^3/hr or ton
Client Plan
*Client’s expectationsReconstruction of existing devicePurchase of new deviceSetting of onsite gas supply device
Benson expected to provide