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VPSA Oxygen Generator & System

VPSA Oxygen Generator & System Process Characteristics: ◆Cost Effective: Typical saving from VPSA O 2 system is with a range from 20 to 50% due to reducing distribution and energy costs. ◆Energy Efficient: Low air-feed requirements result in energy cost savings while maintaining consistently high levels of purity of O2. ◆Reliable: automatic and unattended VPSA operation. Starting time is less than 30 minutes. PLC input & output variables are easily adjusted. Turn-down capability is in 25~110%. ◆Flexible: Quick start / shutdown, and meet various requirements. A backup system can be installed to cover peak demand during maintenance work. ◆Convenient: Our VPSA system's modular turnkey skid-mounted & compact onsite oxygen production provides an economical supply. Specifications: Capacity: 200~10,000 Nm3/h, custom design figure. Inquiry

Vacuum Pump and Blower

Applications: Widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, chemical and waste water treatment.