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Industrial PSA Oxygen Generator and System

Industrial PSA Oxygen Generator Process Description : Through the pre-treatment system, solid impurities, such as oil, dust, etc. and most of water vapor in the compressed air is removed. Then the purified air goes into an absorber equipped with zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS). Nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor in the air are adsorbed by the adsorbent, but oxygen is separated from them when going through the absorber bed. When the impurities in the absorber reach a certain level, and will be desorbed to atmosphere. It will perform a regeneration cycle after desorption. The equipment consists of two absorbers that will switch over and circulate under the control of PLC or DCS to generate oxygen continuously. Process Characteristics: ◆Using renowned zeolite molecular sieve of oxygen generator enhances productivity and reduces power consumption. ◆Absorber design can homogenize air distribution, excellent compressing system of molecular sieve to prevent the molecular sieve from wearing to extend the life greatly. ◆Using pneumatic control valves can open and close quickly. The usage of valve is more than one million times and sealing is more than two years. ◆Using PLC and HMI control system is easy to set up and monitor the device to ensure long-term, stable and reliable operation. ◆Equipping with a digital oxygen analyzer is used for detecting oxygen purity and ensuring long-term service. ◆Skid mounted design is easy for transportation and installation. Inquiry

Applications: The applications of industrial field are widely used in metallurgical combustion, oxygen- enrichment blast furnace, pulp bleaching, glass furnace, waste water treatment, ozone generation, etc. Due to the rising energy price, the oxygen-enrichment combustion not only reduces power consumption and cost, but also achieves the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction.

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