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PSA Hydrogen Generator and System

PSA Hydrogen Generator and System The process of hydrogen purification usually uses four adsorption vessels to process pressurize, adsorption, desorption and flushing procedure sequentially. The four vessels manipulate in turn to ensure a stable flow rate. Adsorbents are divided into three layers. The first layer is alumina or silica gel to adsorb water vapor in the air; the secondary layer is activating carbon to adsorb CO2 and hydrocarbon; and the third layer is 5A molecular sieve to capture and adsorb O2, N2, CO and CH4, etc. Process Characteristics: ◆Low power consumption. ◆Flexible product with purity. ◆Simple process. ◆Efficient automatic operation. ◆Less investment, lower operation cost, easy maintenance, less inspection, high operation rate. ◆Reliable Equipment. Specifications: Capacity: 25Nm3/Hr & 50Nm3/Hr, custom design figure. Inquiry

PSA Hydrogen Adsorption Tank