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Material--Carbon Molecular Sieve

TNSC High quality Carbon Molecular Sieve:  

TNSC fully control the technical to develops and produces Carbon Molecular Sieve (based material: special Phenolic Resin), replacing the carbon-based molecular sieves (chalking easily). New type CMS can enhance the N2 purity to achieve 99.999% to reduce cost and have high C/P value.                                                                                                                                Features: ◆High bulk density, adsorption and C/P value ◆High performance ◆Long life time ◆High hardness, Low ash content, Low abrasion loss ◆Low cost of production ◆Low power consumption, Low Air/N2 ratio Specifications: Particle diameter:ψ1.2 – 1.6 mm Adsorption cycle:48 – 58 S Bulk density:660 – 690 g/L Crush strength:≧ 40 N/pc Loss on attrition:≦0.3 %                                                                                                ♦Applications: Apply for PSA N2 in EMS/IC Packing/Semiconductor/Solar/PCB/Vehicle electronic/metal heat treatment industries.                                                                                                    ♦Accept OEM/ODM