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Service & After Sales Support

Customer Services
Benson knows “Customers are the lifeblood of a business “.By working closely with our customers, Benson products has accumulated a wealth of expertise that enables us to offer a wide range of services and solutions to answer your toughest challenges. Whether you have special gas supply requirements, are looking for process improvements to make your business more successful, or seek new energy and environmental solutions, we can help. Our services range from computational modeling to safety training to engineering and consulting services during project design, start-up, and ongoing operation. And all are provided with the aim to help you improve efficiency, optimize product quality, control risks, and meet legislative requirements.

After Sales Service
In our After Sales Service department, we have our own skilled team of assembly supervisors who work with appropriate personnel to integrate our high-tech equipment reliably into your factories and existing production processes.

After sales services handles spare parts, training courses, after sales orders, claims, service agreements, and co-ordination of service visits. It is most often the department taking care of any incoming telephone calls or e-mails, and any training programs are co-coordinated from this division.